Duke English Professor to speak: “Ayn Rand: The Modern Artist in the Marketplace” (March 6th).


Professor Michael Valdez Moses of the English Department at Duke University will speak on “Ayn Rand:  The Modern Artist in the Marketplace.”  The description of his talk:

Novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand is famous both for her passionate advocacy of market capitalism and for her fictional portraits of her heroes as romantic individualists – artists and creative geniuses who seek to preserve their integrity and autonomy in a corrupt modern age. This talk will explore the implicit tension between Rand’s endorsement of free enterprise  (which requires an interdependent network of economic actors seeking to meet the needs of their consumers) and her celebration of the creative genius who goes his own way, refusing to compromise his personal vision. This tension suggests an even more fundamental conflict between Rand’s economic and aesthetic theories, and between subjective and objective theories of value.

The talk will be at 7:30 p.m. in the Hepburn Auditorium (H-218) on Tuesday, March 6th.