Iyi Okunlola

 Iyi Okunlola
Mr. Iyi Okunlola
Conservation Biology
Westwood, NJ

Being at St. Lawrence University has given me some awesome opportunities! I am a Presidential Diversity Scholar and also a Ronald E. McNair Scholar.  In the spring of 2013 I had the opportunity to study abroad at James Cook University, in Cairns, Queensland Australia, where I took ecological courses such as Restoration ecology and Biodiversity of Tropical Australia.

What does tuna, grape jam and Vienna sausage have to do with my time Down Under? No, I was not experimenting with funky sandwich ideas, but during my study abroad experience, I also volunteered for Conservation Volunteers Australia, where I was able to assist in monitoring the invasive and destructive ant species Yellow Crazy Ants, and Electric Ants.  We used these three food components to bait these ants as they were attracted to protein and carbohydrates.  I also learned how to SCUBA dive on the glorious Great Barrier Reef!

I am currently working with Dr. Susan Willson on a conservation study involving the "BirdsBeSafe" cat collar which is expected to alleviate the incidence of bird (and other animals) mortality resulting from cat predation.