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Community Based Learning offers students the opportunity to continue their community engagement outside of the classroom through CBL Housing. This housing offers opportunities for students to integrate civic responsibility into their residential life. The goal of the program is for students to work in teams with community partners to maintain existing campus community programs that will enhance the citizenship of students and meet specific needs in the community. Communities are theme-based and will incorporate existing programs and partnerships.

2017-2018 Housing Residents

Little Grass Foodworks

Tenzing Coburn '20
Kyler Cubbage '20
Brendan Cyr '20
Ian Erlichman '20

Required Application Documents:

Please note that the housing available are within four-person suites located in Hulett Hall and are a year long commitment. If you are planning on going abroad in either the fall  or spring semester, you should not apply or find an alternate student to apply with you.

CBL Housing Application along with any required documents should be submitted online by .

Faculty/Staff Recommendation: Recommendation Form From a SLU faculty or staff member who can speak to your maturity, leadership potential and commitment.

Local Community Agency Recommendation: Recommendation Form From a local (Canton and surrounding area) community member who you have worked closely with who can speak to your maturity, leadership potential and commitment to community issues. A recommendation may also be accepted from a community member within a student's hometown.

Unofficial Transcript: this is available on APR.

Current Resume

Civic Engagement Vision Statement: a brief essay (250 words) that describes your Civic Engagement Vision. Your statement should speak to the population you are interested in working with and how you would enhance the current programming. Please be sure to provide specific examples and describe how you will implement such ideas. Also, speak to how you will balance your academic and personal commitments to fulfill 20 service hours and three reflection meetings which are required per semester as part of the housing commitment.

For more information, please contact CBL or x5095.