CBL Courses

Community Based Learning offers CBL 100 (fall), CBL 101 (spring), as well as CBL Independent Study opportunities. CBL also supports a number of courses from academic departments as listed below.

Fall 2018 Courses

First Year Program Courses

Impactful Leadership

Life Sentences

Organizing for Change, Power, Agency, and Resistance

Peace Begins With Me

Departmental Courses

BIOL 304: Heath Coaches

CBL 100: Introduction to Community Based Learning

CBL Independent Studies

CBL 3004: Sophomore Seminar: Seeds of Change

ENG 240: Creative Writing: Writing in the World

ENG 293: Creative Writing: Literary Harvest

PCA 4031: Drama for Teaching and Learning

PSYC 413: Community Psychology

SOC 224: Family, Community, and Globalization