Emily Rama '09 Remarks to Graduates

May 17, 2009

So here we are standing on the edge of our future, looking into the distance. What do you see? Do you see yourself as a CEO of a world changing company? How about working in Africia for the Peace Corps, or teaching seventh grade students about Huckleberry Finn? Some of you may even be picturing yourself as a mother or a father, a husband or a wife.

What about your dreams? Where do they take you? Are you sailing across the Caribbean fishing in the sunset? Do you wish you could be climbing K2, or travelling the world with your best friend seeing the seven wonders? I hope that all of you look at the life in front of you and see all of the different roads that lie ahead of us, all the different possibilities and all the adventures and realize that we can do all of them. Don’t dwell on your past, use it to enhance your future. St. Lawrence has prepared us for the world outside of college, whether it’s graduate school, the big city or the wild country. What we have learned here has challenged us and has opened our eyes to so many things, so don’t be afraid of challenges in your future. Challenge yourself, challenge others, challenge is the key to growth.

I am going to ask you all, as the class of 2009 to participate in one last thing. If any of the following questions apply to you, please stand up when asked to do so.

If you have ordered Sergis this last week, please stand up. (ok you can sit down)
If you have been a part of a club or organization here on campus, please stand up. (ok you can sit down)
If you have played an organized sport on campus stand up. (Thank you, you can sit down)
If you have taken a class that you found interesting or enjoyable, please stand up (Thank you, please sit down)
Finally, if you have met someone on this campus that has changed your life please stand up.

Look around you at the people standing, by your presence here each of you have impacted someone or been changed by your experience here. That is something you will forever take with you. The friends we have made here have seen us through some of the biggest changes we’ve gone through, the transition from a teenager to an adult, and they will also help see us through some of the biggest challenges yet to come in our future. Use them, look back on our experience here and say that although it may have had its ups and downs it’s given you what you need to live your dreams and walk down the path you chose to your future.