Betsy Wilson University Citation

Betsy Wilson
University Citation

Betsy Wilson was an active, devoted and constant presence in the life of St. Lawrence University from 1985 to 2001, when her husband, E.B. Wilson '53, served on the University Board of Trustees, the last six years as chairman. She brought her warm poise to every event she attended, extending the University's renowned hospitality to new trustees and spouses, to guests at trustee meetings, and to alumni at regional events. An alumna of the New York School of Interior Design, Betsy Wilson's leadership included much appreciated advice in the d├ęcor of MacAllaster House as well as generous financial commitments to strengthen the University she so loves. The Board of Trustees asks Betsy Wilson to accept their enduring regard and appreciation for her sixteen years' service to St. Lawrence and to accept the University Citation as a symbol of its esteem.