Step Four: Enrolling in Your Other Courses

Enrollment in your final course[s] will happen during on-campus Orientation in August.

Conversation with your advisor: You will meet with your academic advisor on the first full day of Orientation (Monday, August 25th). During those meetings, you will discuss your academic plans generally - e.g., What do you think you would like to study? Do you have any particular programs of study in mind, such as pre-med? What off-campus study opportunities interest you the most? You will also discuss the course plan that you put together over the summer, decide which of those courses might be the best choices to round out your fall course schedule and make a plan for prioritizing your choices for the registration process itself.

APR 2.0 goes live for registration: At 7 p.m. on Monday evening, and after the conversation with your advisor, you will request courses to complete your fall semester schedule of classes. This registration process takes place in real time, so if you are not enrolled in your first choice, you will simply make a second course request, and third (or more), if needed, until you are enrolled in one or two courses to complete your fall schedule. First-year students will have exclusive registration priority until Tuesday, August 26 at noon, after which time any students wishing to make registration changes before classes start on Wednesday will also be entering the system to drop and/or add courses to their schedules. The "real time" registration period closes at midnight on Tuesday, and any schedule changes after that time must be handled through our regular add/drop procedures. So don't delay in making your choices. Be sure you have a complete schedule before the Quad Experience on Tuesday night, if possible.

Link to APR 2.0

Then on Wednesday, August 27, you will have your first day of classes as a college student!