Step Two: Enrollment in Your Second Course

Important Step Two Dates:
Friday, June 13: Deadline for submission of the Course Selection form.
Early to mid-July: Notification by mail of your second (or second and third) course enrollment with your FYP placement and housing notification.

Step Two Process:

Your FYP is one of the three or four courses you will take in the fall semester. You will be placed in the second (or second and third) of those courses over the summer based on the information you provide on the Course Selection Form. This form must be submitted by June 13, 2014.

On the Course Selection form, you will list your top five choices for courses in the fall. All of these choices must be available and appropriate for first-year students. Please note: you will need to give us multiple possibilities, but you will only be enrolled in one (or two, if you are pre-health/ biology) of those courses at this time. Step Three will help you prepare for the rest of your fall schedule.

How do you decide which courses to list?

  • Review the information on General Education and Graduation Requirements at St. Lawrence. One of your goals during your first year is to explore the curriculum by fulfilling many of your general education and graduation requirements.
  • Consult the Academic Departments/Programs and Courses and the Pre-Professional Programs courses section of the New Student Guide & Forms website to learn what courses are being offered in the fall that are available and appropriate for first-year students and which ones might make the most sense for you given your interests.
  • Please note that while the University Catalog may prove to be a useful place to find detailed course descriptions, it will not have information about whether a course will be offered in the fall. For that information, you must consult the links listed above or the drop-down menu on the Course Selection form.

Other important considerations as you think about courses:

  • You’re the last to register: Remember that all of the upper-level students at St. Lawrence have already registered for their courses. So, some classes are already full. However, all the courses on the course selection drop-down menu have some seats reserved for entering first-year students.
  • Program Requirements: Some programs of study, especially those in the natural sciences, require that you take certain courses during your first year. So it is important that you review all of the information in the Academic Departments/Programs and Courses section carefully to be sure that you get off to a good start.
  • Advanced Placement Credit: If you have completed any Advanced Placement exams, be sure to have the Educational Testing Service (ETS) send the results to the Registrar's office, St. Lawrence University, 23 Romoda Drive, Canton, NY 13617. Decisions as to what AP scores count for which courses are made department by department, and the Registrar will determine whether you will get specific course credit for any AP exams. Click here for general information about AP credit. 
  • International Baccalaureate Credit: SLU will also grant credit for International Baccalaureate Higher Level Examinations in which a score of 5 or higher is achieved. Credit is not awarded for Standard Level examinations. IB course credit is regarded as transfer credit and is determined by the registrar in consultation with the appropriate department chair.

Please provide the registrar’s office with AP scores, or transcripts reflecting any other coursework that might count for college credit, as quickly as possible so that information can be considered as you select courses for the fall. Questions about college transfer, AP and IB credit should be directed toward the registrar’s office at 315-229-5267.

Students with disabilities are encouraged to register with the Disability and Accessibility Services Office (DASO) prior to arriving on campus. When you are ready, please fill out the Disability Registration form. Once this initial contact is made, the Director or Assistant Director will provide information regarding the process to receive academic accommodations at St. Lawrence. They will also take the opportunity to discuss your academic interests and specific learning needs. We strongly recommend that you register or contact the office prior to completing the course selection form. For more information, please refer to the DASO website.

If you indicate on the Course Selection form that you are interested in pursuing a major in biology, biochemistry or neuroscience and/or are interested in the pre-health track, you will be registered in both General Biology and General Chemistry [and required labs and/or review sessions/peer pods] for your first semester, but only if both of these courses appear on your request list as your top two choices. If needed, you will be able to make changes to the labs and/or weekly review sessions [peer pods] for those courses in consultation with your advisor during on-campus Orientation in August.

Our plan is to notify you of your second (or second and third) course enrollment with your FYP placement and housing notification no later than early to mid-July.

If it turns out that you are no longer interested in the course(s) in which you were enrolled over the summer, you will have the opportunity to drop that course and choose a different one. Information about how and when this happens can be found here: Step Four: Enrolling in Your Other Courses.

If you have any questions as you consider your course choices, send an email to or call 315-229-7397. One of the summer advising team will answer your questions or connect you with someone who can.