Step One: Placement in Your First-Year Program

Important Step One Dates:
May 30:
Deadline for online submission of the First-Year Program College Preference form, Housing Assignment Profile and Your Academic Interests form. View the checklist for other form deadlines.
Early to mid-July:
Notification by mail of your FYP placement, academic advisor, residence hall room and roommate(s) (if applicable). 

Important Note:
Students with disabilities are encouraged to register with the Disability and Accessibility Services Office (DASO) prior to arriving on campus. When you are ready, please fill out the Disability Registration form. Once this initial contact is made, the Director or Assistant Director will provide information regarding the process to receive academic accommodations at St. Lawrence. They will also take the opportunity to discuss your academic interests and specific learning needs. We strongly recommend that you register or contact the office prior to completing any of the selection forms. For more information, please refer to the DASO website.

Step One Process:
You will be placed in your First-Year Program (FYP) by the Associate Dean of the First Year based on the top choices you provide on the FYP College Preference Form for the fall semester course. This form must be submitted by May 30.

Read through all of the FYP Course Descriptions carefully. Choose at least four top choice FYPs. Do not base your choices on the titles alone; be sure to read the descriptions carefully. You may use the comment field at the bottom of the form to provide information regarding the rationale for your choices.

Once you have been placed in your FYP, two more placements will take place:

  • Your residence hall room and roommate: Once you are placed in your FYP, members of the residence life staff will place you in a specific room based on your Housing Assignment Profile form. This form must be submitted by May 30 as well. Be sure to complete this form thoughtfully and accurately. You will be assigned a roommate based on the information that you present in this form. If you are requesting a particular roommate, see question 11 and fill this form out together with that person. You and your requested roommate MUST select the identical four FYP preferences.
  • Your academic advisor: The Associate Dean of the First Year and the Associate Dean for Academic Advising Programs will then assign one of your FYP professors as your academic advisor. The associate deans use information you provide on Your Academic Interests form to assign you an advisor. This form must also be submitted by May 30.

You will receive notification through the mail of your FYP placement, your academic advisor, and your room assignment and roommate (if applicable) no later than mid-July.

Please be sure that St. Lawrence always has your most current mailing address. Using your SLU e-mail account, please e-mail with your full name, student ID number and any changes in contact information.

If you have any questions about this step in the process, you should contact the First-Year Program office at or (315) 229-5909.