International and Off-Campus Study

St. Lawrence has semester-long or year-long programs in 16 different countries, plus five off-campus programs in the U.S. In addition, we offer several off-campus summer programs annually and travel components as part of regular semester programs. These vary, so consult the international study Web site often!

There are many ways to enrich your education by living in different cultures and communities across the globe. Typically, nearly half of each class studies abroad for a semester; most go either in the spring of their sophomore year, fall and/or spring of their junior year, or fall of their senior year.

Two programs accommodate first-year students: the London FYP fall program and the Global Francophone Cultures FYS spring program. The London FYP allows students to study in one of the world's most dynamic cities in their first semester of college, while enjoying the full benefit of the FYP living-learning community, and connections to other St. Lawrence students and members of their first-year class on campus. The Global Francophone FYS program requires minimal course work in French (high school courses count). It begins with two weeks of intensive language study in Québec City, Canada, and then moves to the program base in Rouen, France, and includes a 10-day study tour to Senegal in French-speaking West Africa. First-year students can complete their First-Year Seminar (taught in English) on this program; they also take two units in French language study and the director’s course on French cultures (also taught in English).

St. Lawrence recommends off-campus study to all students but expects students to reflect thoughtfully on which program will allow them to enrich their particular learning interests. Application to off-campus programs is competitive and successful applicants must meet academic and other selection criteria. Each program has some prerequisites, so it is a good idea to learn about the opportunities early on and begin to prepare for one by talking with your academic adviser and with the study abroad advisors in the Center for International and Intercultural Studies, located in Carnegie Hall.