Teacher Education

Teacher Education
Teacher Education Program Coordinator: Prof. Esther Oey
Phone: 315.229.5638
Campus Address: 4 Atwood Hall
E-mail: eoey@stlawu.edu
Web site: http://www.stlawu.edu/education

St. Lawrence sophomore, junior and senior students can enroll in undergraduate education courses both as a way to explore the multidisciplinary subjects of teaching and learning for their intrinsic values, and as a way of preparing to enter the teaching profession. In order to address new state regulations for teaching, St. Lawrence offers two minors (but no major) in education. In the certification minor, the student completes a sequence of five pre-requisite courses and the Professional Semester (student teaching). This qualifies the student to be recommended for a New York State Teaching Certificate upon graduation. In the Educational Studies minor, students have more choice as to which five education courses will constitute their minor. Students may take the same five pre-requisite courses that are required for the Professional Semester. The student may then take the Professional Semester after graduation in order to be recommended for a New York State Teaching Certificate. Alternatively, students may expand their education course options to include ones not required for student teaching or certification. Students selecting the later option often pursue interests in higher ed or non-K-12 school settings. The minors in education are also useful for teaching in private schools, although certification is usually not required for these positions. Students who desire certification in states other than New York should confer with the coordinator prior to sophomore registration.

The following Teacher Certification programs are registered with the New York Education Department for grades 7–12 (secondary education): English, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, social studies, French and Spanish. Additionally, teaching certification in K–12 art is offered. Certification in K–6 (elementary education) is not available.