Engineering Combined Program

Engineering Combined Plan
Director of Engineering: Dr. Ed Harcourt
Phone: 315.229.5444
Campus Address: 105-1 Bewkes Hall of Science

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Overview of Program

St. Lawrence University has arrangements with five universities in which you complete three years of coursework at St. Lawrence and two at one of the other institutions, and graduate with degrees from both. Students interested in the Engineering Combined Program should make their intentions known by e-mailing the engineering advisor (Dr. Ed Harcourt) as soon as possible.

The Engineering Combined Plan offers several advantages. First, you receive the benefits of both a liberal arts and an engineering education; engineers in today’s world need the strong communication skills that you can develop at St. Lawrence. Second, if you’re not sure you want to be an engineer, you have three years in which to decide, based on your developing interests and your experience with college science and math courses. If you decide against engineering school, you will have lost no time toward completing your St. Lawrence degree.

Courses and Program Planning

If you are interested in the Combined Plan, you should enroll in appropriate courses your first semester, such as MATH 135: Calculus I or Math 136 Calculus II. For mechanical, electrical, computer, civil, aeronautical or related engineering fields, you should also enroll in PHYS 151: University Physics. For chemical or environmental engineering, start with CHEM 103: General Chemistry. An additional option for first-year students is CS 140: Introduction to Computer Programming.

Pre-engineering students are required to complete most of the regular requirements for a St. Lawrence major. Most engineering students major in one of the sciences such as physics, chemistry, mathematics or computer science. Some engineering schools impose additional requirements for some of their programs.

If you have any interest in the plan, it is important that you contact the Director of pre-engineering, Ed Harcourt, as soon as possible. Dr. Harcourt can discuss engineering options with you, help you choose an appropriate course schedule, and avoid scheduling problems later on.