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The Residence Life Staff
To aid in development of community, the residential program at St. Lawrence provides staff in each residential area to serve as leaders, initiators and mediators throughout the academic year. Each residence has a residential coordinator (RC). These professionals are trained in student development, live in apartments in close proximity to each college, are available to work with residents, and supervise the undergraduate staff, called community assistants (CAs). The RCs also work with students, faculty and staff and have responsibility for providing leadership, supervision, support and intervention within the building as well as tending to day-to-day administrative needs.

The CAs are undergraduates who have been selected to help build community and provide guidance and leadership to the college in which they live. Generally, there is a CA for each floor of each residence. The CAs are selected and trained to work with a variety of people, to provide a model in their academic work and involvement in University activities, to provide assistance, and to handle emergencies or disciplinary situations. As live-in advisors, the CAs are often the first to know of a resident’s difficulties academically or personally. CAs receive training to work with students, faculty and staff and are able to provide appropriate referrals.

In addition to the live-in staff of RCs and CAs, the Associate Dean of the First-Year and the Assistant Dean of Student Life/Director of Residence Life & Housing work closely with all aspects of the First-Year Program, both academic and residential. The First-Year Program staff works closely with other offices in Student Life, including the offices of Student Activities and Leadership, Career Services, the Health and Counseling Center, and Safety and Security.