Your Living Arrangements - First-Year Program

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St. Lawrence is a four-year residential college that has a diverse and active residential program, which contributes to the development of an enduring sense of community and is grounded in the belief that living with your fellow students in a residence is an integral part of your education. Living in a residential learning community, you will gain experience in individual responsibility, social responsibility, and cultivation of diversity.

To enhance this learning experience, residential colleges in the First-Year Program are coeducational. Individuals learn how to negotiate rights and responsibilities when value systems differ markedly, and how to decide what responsibilities they have to their neighbors, to the group, to the larger institution and to themselves. We expect first-year students to contribute to the development of these communities. The residential environment created in residences offers innumerable opportunities that provide a framework for education and personal growth. Go to the First-Year Program Overview for more information.