Planning Ahead - Motor Vehicle and Parking Policy

The central philosophy guiding our parking policy is our commitment to a walking campus. All of us — students, faculty, staff and visitors — should be confident of the freedom to walk from place to place without interference from cars, motorcycles and other vehicles. We also believe that a walking campus is more consistent with our commitment to the environment. Therefore, we have established procedures for registering and parking vehicles on campus to assure the safety of students, faculty, staff and visiting drivers and pedestrians on campus. A parking permit gives us all the information we need to help you use University parking areas safely and conveniently. We work to maintain emergency access to all buildings and areas on campus.

Your cooperation with the regulations will improve the sense of community we share, as well as reduce traffic and parking violations. Failure to abide by this policy could result in fines, “booting,” towing, revocation of parking privileges and/or disciplinary action. All registered vehicles must properly display a St. Lawrence University decal and/or permit and be parked only in designated areas determined by decal/permit status. Students will be billed an annual non-refundable $80.00 decal fee.

All motor vehicles must be registered with the security and safety department.

The entire Motor Vehicle and Parking Policy can be found here.

Bicycle Registration:
On Orientation Day, for your convenience, we will have a bike patrol officer in the field to help you register your bicycle. If you are unable to register your bike on this day, you may come to The Safety and Security Office at 76 Park Street and register your bike and receive your bike permit. We will take a picture of your bike and keep it on record. Registering your bicycle is free.