Outdoor Program Trips

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THE OUTDOOR PROGRAM offers optional outdoor recreation trips to incoming students. A range of trips are planned, to meet all levels of experience and interest. Review the descriptions and select three choices best suited to your skill level and interests. There are a limited number of spaces available; spaces will be filled on a first-returned, first-served basis. We will do our best to place you in your first choice. An all-inclusive trip fee of $375 covers meals, lodging, equipment, and transportation from the morning of departure until the morning of return. Please call the Student Activities and Leadership office if you have any questions: 315-229-5757.

Dates for all trips:

Thursday, August 20–Sunday, August 23 (participants arrive on campus Wednesday, August 19).

Important: If you participate in a fall collegiate sport, there will be conflicts between practice and North Country trips; therefore, you will most likely not be able to participate in any of these trips. Please check with your coach before submitting an application.

If you are an incoming international student, you must attend International Student Orientation, requiring you to arrive August 18, which will conflict with the North Country Trips; therefore, you will not be able to participate in these trips.

Trip Leaders

Upper-class students apply to work as trip leaders through the Outdoor Program. Each has demonstrated experience and skill in the specific type of activity for which he or she has been selected as a leader, and at least one of the leaders for each trip has participated in the Outdoor Program’s semester-long Outdoor Leadership Course. We attempt to staff trips in a positive, complementary, and gender-balanced way to provide the best possible Orientation experience for new students.


Introduction to Backpacking: Light to moderate terrain, sleeping in tents, light pack weights, lower mileage. This trip is appropriate for people interested in exploring the Adirondacks but have little to no experience backpacking or camping. Cost for this trip is $375. (Limited to six participants with two leaders.)

General Backpacking: Moderate terrain, occasional steep grades, and longer days. This trip is best for people who have backpacked and camped before; however, for the adventurous at heart, no experience is necessary. Cost for this trip is $375. (Limited to three trips with to six participants and two leaders on each trip)

Experienced Backpacking: Frequent elevation change, steep grades, greater mileage. This trip will travel into the "High Peaks" region of the Adirondacks. Choose this trip if you are looking for a physical challenge! Cost for this trip is $375. (Limited to six participants with two leaders.)

Canoe Trips
Introduction to Canoe Camping: Participants will be canoeing on lakes and flatwater, sleeping in tents, few portages. This trip is designed for people with little or no experience with overnight camping and canoeing. Cost for this trip is $375. (Limited to six participants with two leaders.)

General Canoeing Camping: Flatwater, some moving water, with a few short portages. This trip is appropriate for people who have camped and canoed before; however, no experience is necessary. Cost for this trip is $375. (Limited to six participants with two leaders.)

Experienced Canoeing Camping: This trip is designed for people that have canoed and camped before and feel comfortable with longer distances, and several portages. Cost for this trip is $375. (Limited to six participants with two leaders.)

Special Trips
Adirondack Adventure (No hiking/camping experience required). The first day will be spent canoeing, the second day hiking, the third day whitewater rafting. Nights will be spent at SLU’s historic Canaras lodge on Upper Saranac Lake in the heart of the Adirondacks. Cost for this trip is $375. Limited to 24 participants and six leaders.

Adirondack Kayak Tour: This trip will follow a flatwater course through the Adirondacks camping in tents and/or lean-tos each night. Experience in a sea- or flat water-type kayak is important. Cost for this trip is $375. (Limited to four participants with two leaders.)

Rock climbing in the Adirondacks: This trip is designed for inexperienced rock climbers. We will base-camp in lean-tos in the High Peaks region, and climb daily on nearby Adirondack cliffs. Participants can expect to learn how to use basic climbing equipment, tie essential knots, and belay another climber. Cost for this trip is $375. (Limited to six participants with two leaders.)

Trip Equipment List
The SLU Outdoor provides all group equipment: cooking tools, tents, boats, tarps, etc.  The SLU Outdoor Program is not able to provide personal clothing and equipment.  The list below is the responsibility of the participants.

Clothing/Equipment Needed for All Trips
rain gear (jacket and pants)
swimsuit (recommended)
one pair synthetic long pants (not jeans)
hat—wool or fleece cap type
one wool sweater/fleece jacket
brimmed hat (sun and rain)
synthetic long underwear (top and bottom)
2-3 pair synthetic socks
1-2 synthetic/cotton t-shirts
1-2 pairs Polypro liner socks
one synthetic/cotton long sleeve
insect repellent
one pair nylon shorts
one quart-size water bottle
sleeping bag (20-degree rating)
sleeping pad

Please try to eliminate or minimize cotton fibers in clothing. Cotton holds moisture and can contribute to hypothermia. Choose synthetics, like fleece or wool.

Additional Items Needed for Specific Trips
Backpacking, Canoeing, Kayaking and Climbing
backpack (4000-6000 cubic inch)
large stuff sack (for food protection)
hiking boots (broken in!)
mess kit (bowl, cup, utensils)

Adirondack Adventure
Small backpack
Shoes/sneakers suitable for moderate hiking
Water shoes/sandals for raft
Eye-glass retainer (Croakies)