Welcome from Student Government President

To the Class of 2018,

Congratulations! On behalf of the students and members of the St. Lawrence community, I want to welcome you into your first days as a Laurentian. I know these first couple weeks are going to be quite overwhelming, but soon you will be on campus with all of us and your college journey will begin.  We cannot wait for you to get here.

I want to take a moment to offer some advice to each of you, even though I am sure you will be bombarded all summer with advice from friends and family, but bear with me.  When you arrive here in August, be yourself!  St. Lawrence is a great place because students pursue their desires and dreams, so go ahead and be creative.  Join clubs and teams that interest you and make sure to attend the Student Club and Organization Fair in the first week of classes.  It's personally one of my favorite days on campus, and I think you will really enjoy seeing students of all class years with their banners and members of their clubs- careful, Frisbees and free t-shirts will be flying all around!  Also, make sure to really get to know each and every member of your FYP, some of your FYP-mates are going to become your lifelong friends and will be the backbone to your success at St. Lawrence.

I want to put forth a challenge to each of you, a challenge to never sit still and let your time at St. Lawrence just move past you.  Get involved on campus, dive deeper into your academics, meet with professors for coffee, go hiking with friends, pitch a hammock in the Enchanted Forest, start a club, attend campus concerts and events, come to a Thelmo meeting, help build the stage for SpringFest, go cross-country skiing across campus, apply for a fellowship... whatever it is that you are interested in, make sure you jump in!  And if you ever need any help or guidance, feel free to ask.  The Sullivan Student Center is filled with resources and students and staff just waiting to help you find your niche in the Laurentian Community!

Enjoy the rest of your summer preparing for college and don't forget, you can never have enough socks and laundry detergent!  Please feel free to contact me at kjappe11@stlawu.edu if you have any questions or concerns.  I would be more than happy to help you in any way this summer.  I look forward to meeting each of you in the fall.

Kindest Regards,

Kelly J. Appenzeller '15
The Thelomathesian Society