Welcome from Student Government President

To the Class of 2017,

Congratulations! On behalf of the St. Lawrence community I would like to welcome you. You are officially a Saint; in a few short months you will arrive on campus and begin your lifelong journey as a Laurentian. The student body is both sad to see the seniors graduate and anxious to meet the Class of 2017 and discover all that you will bring to our campus.

I am sure that over these next months you will receive a lot of advice accompanied by stories of the old “college glory days”.  I am sure you will become sick of hearing how “this will be the best and most exciting time of your lives”.  I am sure it can become overwhelming and seem like a lot of pressure, but bear with me as I throw just a little more “wisdom” at you.

During your time at St. Lawrence, experience everything!  Get involved, join clubs, play sports, connect with professors, network with alumni, focus on academics, study abroad, put the books down, make friends, lose friends, take chances, find internships, fall in love, make mistakes, step outside your comfort zone, ask for help, dream big, respect tradition, break tradition, be fearless, remember to sleep, take it all in, and enjoy the next four years because they are what you make of them.

The next four years will fly by (trust me, I’m already halfway there)!  Make the most of everything. Make friendships to last a lifetime, and memories that will sustain you through tough times.  Please feel free to contact me at tlcast11@stlawu.edu if you have any questions or concerns!  I look forward to meeting each of you in the fall.

All the best,

Taylor Castator '15
The Thelomathesian Society