Welcome from President William L. Fox '75

President William L. Fox '75

To the Class of 2018:

As you prepare to join the St. Lawrence community, I want to talk about “social networking.”

We learn best face-to-face. Our community is built on this close-up and intense premise. While we use the most powerful technologies available, we remind you that our daily work must always be personal. At St. Lawrence, your face matters, not your Facebook page. We expect you to turn from Facebook connections and relationships to face-time conversations.

When you arrive, you’ll notice portraits all over campus; they are the faces of Laurentians who were once students and teachers here. Study their faces. They made your planned education possible. Next Spring, when we reopen the restored Gunnison Memorial Chapel, I invite you to appreciate the stained glass windows that Laurentians everywhere cherish. The windows celebrate people, many with familiar names, some who will be known to you by graduation, who were curious to learn and inspired to dream

The faces in the portraits and windows remind us that we belong to a community that stands for the larger hope of humanity. Some day, I believe, the faces in the Class of 2018 shall be like those placed around campus as portraits in glass or on canvas. I encourage you to see yourself in those best ideals of human life.

The faces also remind us that while you may spend four years on campus, you are a Laurentian for Life, a new member of a community of alumni, faculty, students, and staff that cares for and helps one another in legendary ways. You begin a face-to-face kind of education that will last your lifetime. Welcome!

William L. Fox '75
President of the University