Cyber Orientation 6 - Sustainability at SLU

Hello Class of 2017,

This cyber orientation email will introduce you to the culture and practices of environmental sustainability at St. Lawrence.  Realize that what we are doing simply scratches the surface.  We hope impassioned students like you will help SLU become even more environmentally focused and help us to discover new and creative ways to become more sustainable.

Part of our demonstration of a commitment to sustainability was the hiring of Louise Gava, SLU Class of 2007.  She is SLU’s Sustainability Coordinator and the Assistant Director of our new Sustainability Semester, and she provided the information in today’s email.  You should feel free to email her directly with ideas or questions, call her at (315) 229-5825 or just stop by her office (Facilities 208 or the Outdoor Program Office) anytime for a chat.

Here is some information to help you as you make your final preparations for coming to SLU and for the remainder of your time with us:

  • To help you pack for school, check out the “Planning Ahead” section of the New Student Guide & Forms and specifically Green Living.  In there, you will find a link to our Green Shopping List.  Remember, the most sustainable thing to do is buy less.
  • If you are not exactly sure what you’ll need and plan on waiting until you move in to pick up those last minute things, the Barn Good Thrift Store is the cheapest and most sustainable way to equip your dorm room.  Make sure to check out our HUGE Fall Sale Monday, August 26th through Wednesday, Aug 28th 10am-2pm.
  • Are you a diehard recycler at home and want to make sure you continue the practice at school? Check out our sustainability tips to find out exactly what we recycle at SLU as well as suggestions on how to save energy and water.
  • Wondering how you’ll get around while at campus, if you don’t have a bike or you live too far away to bring one?  Don’t worry - you can borrow one through our Green Bikes Program.  Have your own bike but need some air in your tires or to raise your seat?  Ask for the bike maintenance kit at the student center info desk or stop by one of two Fixit stations for quick repairs.
  • Something the SLU dining hall does that you might not expect…no trays.  What the dining hall does is provide local food options.  Want to cook your own meals and meet some of our farmers?  Head to the Canton Farmers’ Market Tuesday and Friday 9am-2pm. 
  • SLU’s Information Technology Department continues to help the University meet the goals of the President's Climate Commitment,  St. Lawrence University adopted a Pay for Print system in the Fall of 2009, began using bicycles and electric vehicles to get around campus in 2012 and replaced all personal and lab desktop computers with sustainability in mind in 2013.
  • Many of you will be looking for ways to get involved and make a difference in SLU’s sustainability efforts.   You can join one of the student groups, the Environmental Action Organization or Thelmo Environmental Conservation Committee and/or become a member of the tripartite environmental committee, CCSCN (the Campus Committee on Sustainability and Climate Neutrality). 
  • You should also make sure to check out the happenings at our low-impact living Green House and the L.I.G.H.T House.  And if you want to learn more, you should poke around the St. Lawrence Green Pages

Hope you’ll find a way to get involved in the greening of the scarlet and the brown.