Cyber Orientation 3 - Student Life

Hi, Members of the Class of 2017. This third cyber-orientation message focuses on our Student Life division.  The links below will take you to sections of this website where you can learn more about all of the wonderful opportunities and resources available to you through Student Life at St. Lawrence.

Student Activities and Leadership is responsible for campus activities and organizations, including everything from entertainment to student government.  You can find out more about the special leadership opportunities available for first-year students and how to get involved, both on and off-campus, in the “Opportunities” section of the NSG&F.

Want to know what is going on at SLU?  Just go to SLUWire!  You’ll discover that within both academic and social circles of St. Lawrence, there is a lot that needs to be communicated.  SLUWire is where you will find much of that information.  SLUWire may be a little slow during the summer months, but as the school year begins, information on all the activities that make up student life circulate through SLUWire, so you’ll want to, you’ll need to, check it out regularly.

Diana B. Torrey '82 Health and Counseling Center offers both medical and counseling services to all students.  You can find out more about the services available on the NSG&F, as well as additional health-related information, in the “Health & Counseling Services” section.  

Additionally, our Sexual Assault Education ("Advocates") Program works to raise awareness and prevent acts of sexual violence.  This program offers both resources for students and an opportunity to become involved on campus. 

Our Safety and Security office is also here to provide a safe environment for St. Lawrence students.  See additional information about safety and security on the NSG&F in the section on “Planning Ahead”.  Parking and transportation is also handled through this office, including shuttle vans and our vacation bus services.

The University Chaplain's Office assists students in building relationships among their intellectual, moral and religious/spiritual lives.  As a team, the office seeks to provide an environment where students can explore various spiritual and religious traditions, discern or deepen their own spiritual path, or engage in conversation about important questions.  We engage students, faculty, and staff in a broad based spiritual framework focusing on three primary goals: inviting inquiry, fostering wholeness, and teaching respect for all life.

The Career Services Office guides students through self-discovery, assists them in exploring their career options and developing their personal career plan, and teaches the professional skills necessary to attain their career goals.   Of particular interest to first-year students are self-assessment appointments, resume workshops, the Shadow-a-Saint program, and internship opportunities.

SLU offers a variety of ways for you to become involved in your community: Community Based Learning (CBL), Internships, Volunteerism, etc. To learn more about CBL and how to “combine community engagement and service with course-based activities,“ you should explore the Center for Civic Engagement.

The mission of the Volunteer Services program is to create learning opportunities for students to develop, practice, and incorporate the principles of leadership and service. All programs are student-led, staff-supported, and deeply connected to the local community. There will be representatives from all the volunteer programs at the Student Activities Fair when you arrive to campus.  Join us for an activity, and get to know your greater community!

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the liberal arts tradition, including St. Lawrence, is the fact that students live together on campus.  Find out more about residential life at St. Lawrence by exploring “Your Living Arrangements” on the NSG&F, especially the Residence Life page.  You can also visit the Residence Life website.  

Students don’t just live together at SLU; they eat together, too!  And they eat well. We have excellent dining services at SLU, which some of you have already found out on your visits to campus.  Find out more about the meal plan options available in the “Dining Options” section of the NSG&F.

And as you prepare to move to campus this August, you will find the “Planning Ahead” section of the NSG&F very useful.  It includes information on what to pack, living “green” at SLU (including a link to our “green shopping list”) and much more.  

One last note: as part of the First-Year Cup Festival—the kick-off event for the First-Year Cup —your FYP will be competing in an Alma Mater contest.  Get a jump on the competition and check out this link to the SLU alma mater and several other St. Lawrence songs.

And while you are planning ahead, don’t forget to mark your calendar for Family Weekend, October 4-6, 2013.  You may view the schedule for the weekend, but please check back often for updates as we will continue to add events.  We understand that accommodations for that weekend can be challenging so we’ve compiled a list of local, private accommodations to assist you. We would also like to inform you that this fall the main highway through Canton will be under construction, so be sure to allow extra travel time for getting to campus and/or your accommodations. We will continue to update you as the dates get closer.

I hope you’re continuing to enjoy your summer and looking forward to seeing you all on campus in only a few short weeks.