First-Year Program College Preference

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IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING THIS FORM: To increase the likelihood that you will be placed in a First-Year Program college that is right for you, follow these three steps:

  • READ CAREFULLY ALL of the First-Year Program (FYP) course descriptions. Click on the titles of the FYPs below or go to the First-Year Program Course Descriptions page. Do not base your top choices on the course titles only. Please note that the designation of “CBL” following a title indicates a required community service component for that FYP. More information on Community-Based Learning at St. Lawrence.
  • SELECT AT LEAST FOUR top choices from among the FYPs offered. Feel free to provide more than four. Base your choices on thoughtful consideration and a careful reading of the descriptions. If you have questions about any of the FYPs, feel free to email; we would be happy to answer any questions that you have. You may also use the textbox below to explain your choices.
  • SUBMIT YOUR FORM by no later than May 30. You can expect notification of your FYP placement no later than midJuly.