Housing Assignment Profile

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This information is important in assigning roommate preferences. Please take time to sit down and think critically about the type of person you want to live with for your first year at St. Lawrence. What are your likes and dislikes? What are you looking for in a roommate? (See question 10.) To give us the maximum potential for assigning you a compatible roommate, please be honest and thorough when answering these questions.

You will be assigned a roommate based on the information that you present in this profile. If you are requesting a particular roommate, see question 11 and fill this form out together with that person. You and your requested roommate MUST select the identical four FYP preferences.

Because we understand that the on-campus living environment may be new for some, we expect some of these preferences to change during the semester. If changes do occur, it may be helpful for roommates to revisit this form to ensure a satisfying experience.

You and your roommate will also discuss lifestyle preferences and complete a roommate agreement during the first week on campus.

Submit this form no later than Friday, January 2, 2015