Course Selection

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Most first-year students take their FYP and three other courses during their fall semester. Late in June, you will be registered for one or two of your fall courses (in addition to your First-Year Program course). In early July, you will be sent notification by mail of this registration along with information about your FYP placement and housing. You will register for your other course(s) on campus during Orientation in August when you meet with your advisor. More information about fall course registration can be found on the Fall Course Enrollment and Registration page.

To allow us to enroll you in a course in which you are most interested, select from the pull-down menu at least 5 courses you are interested in taking this fall semester. Remember that you will be enrolled in only one or two of these choices (based on availability) before your arrival in August. See Step Three for how to prepare for finalizing your fall schedule with you advisor.

You must submit this Course Selection form by no later than June 13, 2014.

Please note that not all courses being offered this fall are available and appropriate for incoming first-year students. You can find more information about the courses being offered this fall by visiting the Academic Departments and Programs pages.

Note for biology-related majors and pre-health students: if you answer “yes” to the question below, you will be registered for both General Biology and General Chemistry [and required labs and/or review sessions/peer pods], but only if both of these courses appear on your request list as your top two choices. If needed, you will be able to make changes to the labs and/or weekly review sessions [peer pods] for those courses in consultation with your advisor during on-campus Orientation in August.