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Below you will find information about programs of study and courses available this fall.

If you are interested in majoring in Biology or one of the other biology related majors, you should take the following course in the fall, which fulfills the Natural Science with Lab distribution requirement and counts toward the major:

BIOL 101: General Biology w/Lab (NS-L)

We advise taking General Biology (BIOL 101 in the fall and BIOL 102 in the spring) and General Chemistry (CHEM 103 in the fall and CHEM 104 in the spring) your first year. This plan will allow you to take advantage of opportunities, such as international study programs, as well as have flexibility in your chosen major.

NOTE: If you take General Biology and General Chemistry, you will receive 1.5 units for FYP, 1.25 units for General Biology and 1.25 units for Chemistry. Combined, these courses are enough credit to be considered a full-time student for financial aid considerations. Students who wish to take just these three courses in the fall semester are free to do so, but students who wish to take a fourth course can do that as well. Students should consult with their advisors to decide which choice is best for them.

The Course Selection Form will ask you if you are interested in pursuing a biology, biochemistry or neuroscience major and/or a pre-health track. If you answer "yes" to this question and include both General Biology and General Chemistry as your top two course choices, you will be registered for both Biology and Chemistry (including all required labs and review sessions/peer pods) over the summer. If you find you need to make a change to your lab or review session/peer pod enrollment to accommodate another course, you will be able to make that change during on-campus Orientation.

Most students who major in biology come to SLU with this or a health career as a predetermined interest. Our major areas of study require careful planning; thus you should talk with a member of the biology department faculty about a second advisor in Biology shortly after you arrive. You may declare your Biology major earlier than sophomore year, but we recommend that you explore other areas of potential interest during your first two years as well. Commonly, students have a second major or minor in an area beyond the biology interest.

We offer a variety of biology-related majors:
Biochemistry (coordinated with the Chemistry department)
Conservation Biology
Neuroscience (coordinated with the Psychology department)
Environmental Studies/Biology

We have created several academic advisement planning forms that you may use to map out a plan for your four years at SLU. You will find those on our website.

If you have earned biology advanced placement credit with a score of 4 or 5 on the AP test, you still have to take BIOL 101 in the fall semester. If you do well in BIOL 101 (as judged by the course instructors), you may bypass the spring semester BIOL 102 yet receive the 1.25 units of credit toward a biology-related major, and you can enroll instead in some upper-level biology courses in the spring. If your high school biology experience did not have a strong laboratory component, you should forgo the advanced placement and take General Biology in the fall and spring.