Asian Studies

Coordinator/Dept. Chair: 
Prof. Chandreyi Basu
Campus Address: 
209 Richardson Hall
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Many 100- and 200-level Asian studies courses appropriate for first-year students are offered this fall, and all count toward an Asian studies minor or combined major. The following foreign language courses are available to first-year students in the fall semester, subject to the availability of seats:
  • ASIA/CHIN 101: Elementary Chinese w/Lab (LANG)
  • ASIA/CHIN 103: Intermediate Chinese w/Lab (NOTE: this course is appropriate for students with one year of Chinese instruction and requires a qualifying test.)
Other Asian studies courses this fall open to first-year students, subject to the availability of seats, include the following:
  • ASIA 120/GOVT 105: Intro to Comparative Politics (SS/DIV13)
  • ASIA/PHIL 123: Philosophy East and West (HU)
  • ASIA 125/HIST 105: Early East Asian Civilization (HU/DIV13)
  • ASIA/MUS 210: Musics of the World (HU/DIV13)
  • ASIA/AAH 218: Arts of South Asia (HU/DIV13)
  • ASIA/GS 222: Asian Political Economy in the Global Age (SS)
  • ASIA 224/REL 223: Religious Life of China (HU)
  • ASIA 261/REL 221: Religious Life of India (HU/DIV13)