African-American Studies

Coordinator/Dept. Chair: 
Prof. Mary Jane Smith
Campus Address: 
201 Piskor Hall
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African-American studies is designed to engage students in critical analysis and intellectual exploration of the African-American presence in the United States. The program recognizes and recalls the contributions of African-Americans and the multiplicity of African-American communities in the United States. The minor in African-American studies considers the diversity among African-Americans and examines the complexities of and interrelations among multiple “minority” identities as we consider gender, sex and sexuality in African-American communities.

The following courses offered this fall are appropriate for first-year students, subject to the availability of seats.  They also count toward the minor:

  • GS 102: Introduction to Global Studies II: Race Culture Identity (DIV13)
  • SOC 112: Intro Sociology: Inequality (SS/DIV13)
  • SOC 161: Social Problems and Policy (SS)