Finding a Voice: Creativity, Community and Performance

Each of us is moved in a unique, individual way by the beauty of the artistic expression that we see, hear or produce, but the meaning we draw from art is shaped as well by the experiences and ideals that we share within communities. This college will both investigate, and be invigorated by, the power of the social act of performance. We will learn, in part by regularly becoming performers ourselves, ways in which an artist, whether poet, dancer, actor or musician, can clearly communicate with an audience. We will also connect creatively with cultural realities outside of our experience and attempt to understand forms of art whose meaning might otherwise elude us.

The course requires no prior training or proficiency as a performer. We ask only that you be willing to express yourself creatively and to share that expression. The college will be housed in a residence that provides proximity to SLU’s Art and Art History, Music, and Performance and Communication Arts departments, and is next to "The Annex," the student Arts Performance Residence in which many Finding a Voice veterans reside. Taught by an ethnomusicologist and a historian, who sometimes share the stage as saxophonist and guitarist in a local rock and roll band, this FYP college will seek to foster a community that connects serious academic inquiry with artistic creativity, where students can seek their own voices in an actively supportive environment.