Revisiting, Representing and Reimagining Education: (Re)Telling School Stories

Did you receive a good education? What is a “good” education (and is it something you “receive”)? What is education for, and for whom?How could your K-12 education have been different? This course asks you to revisit your schooling experiences using sociological, cultural studies, historical, and philosophical lenses, which you will develop during the semester. We will examine the purposes, practices, and contexts of education and the stories we tell about school. We will consider how political and social forces shape school life—how do the structures of race, class, sexuality, and gender reproduce themselves in schools? How do capitalism, globalization, neoliberalism, and democracy play out in education? Through critically reflecting on and writing about your own education and through examining a range of popular educational narratives, you will explore how these forces influence the ways we think about and talk about school. We will interrupt some of the “commonsense” talk about school and work to tell new, more inclusive, and more democratic stories about school.