The Craft of Acting, or Speaking for a Soul

Matt Saltzberg
Meeting Days/Times: 
Tuesday and Thursday 12:00 p.m. – 2:10 p.m.
Also Counts: 
This course also counts as PCA 107 and fulfills the ARTS general education requirement

Grounded in the Stanislavski Method of Physical Action, this course is designed to introduce you to the craft of acting and the role of the artist in society. You will learn basic techniques that actors use in order to create characters for performance in front of a live audience. The exercises we engage in are designed to focus on and develop the most fundamental tools at an actor’s disposal: voice, body, concentration, listening skills, and imagination. We will spend the majority of our time together learning acting as a creative and collaborative process: how to use your body and voice expressively, how to analyze a script, how to create a character, how to think critically and creatively, how to make bold acting choices, how to give and receive constructive criticism, and how to build an ensemble. Students will learn the importance of craft – of technique – and will explore and appreciate the intellectual and embodied labor of the actor, and be able to demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical and historical foundation of the trainings explored in the course.