The Creative Experience of Leadership: What Makes a Leader? (CBL)

Leadership is the art and science of inspiring others to work together toward a tangible goal. Are the visionary imagination, oratorical skills, and confidence of an effective leader intrinsic qualities, or is being a leader really about being adaptable and observant, as John Fitzgerald Kennedy suggested when he observed, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”   There are many philosophies on leadership. Throughout the course, we will be asking you to read a variety of texts, as well as undertake a series of writing assignments, group projects, and community-based learning experiences to foster a critical understanding of entrepreneurial leadership, servant leadership, ethical leadership, team work and motivation.  As you journey through this course our expectation is that you will learn that one of the most important perspectives on leadership is the one you develop through your experiences in the classroom, in your residence hall, and in your local community. A liberal arts education is about making the classroom connect to the important endeavors in your life – here’s our version. (CBL)