Deconstructing Apocalyptic Narratives (CBL)

This course will review the historical, philosophical and religious roots of modern apocalyptic thought and examine some of the pressing “apocalyptic” issues of our time.  These issues will include shortages of critical resources, natural disasters, global warming, war, pandemics, and debt.   Are our fears of imminent doom justified?   Is history simply repeating itself?   Is a sense of existential dread engrained in our human nature?  Is there anything we can do about these life-threatening problems?  As part of our exploration of the human reaction to and preparation for these potential threats, the class will have a Community-Based Learning (CBL) component.  In their CBL placement, students will spend at least 20 hours working with community organizations that are engaging in constructive action to seek local solutions to global problems.    The course will end on an optimistic note as we look at examples of human resilience in communities facing crisis. (CBL)