Human Development Personalized – Who are you, and why?

How did you change from a cell into a baby?  How does your DNA determine your traits?  How much of your identity is molded by choice, versus things that are out of your control?  How do your interactions with others change you?  This course will clarify the influence our biology, environment, past experiences, relationships, and thought processes exert on our development.  Weekly experiential workshops will focus on healthy individual and group development.  This course is highly participatory.  Writing, public speaking and research skills will be demonstrated and practiced.  Readings and discussions will focus on the biological processes and psychological theories/frameworks of human beings' embryonic, infant, childhood, adolescent and adult development.  Participants will be challenged to integrate their personal story during these phases of development with the sciences that attempt to portray the human experience.  The final weeks of the course will focus on making informed personal choices guiding who we are becoming.