Children’s Literature and Its Life-long Lessons

Stories exert a profound influence on humans by engaging our imaginations and teaching us life lessons while entertaining us.  From economics to advertising to the inspiration to follow your dreams, chances are, it was a piece of children’s literature that led to your initial understanding of the concepts and themes now guiding your young adult life.  As we explore the power of story-telling, you will learn to identify the many life lessons we first encountered as children and to consider their importance in your current life from a variety of different perspectives and disciplines.   A Community Based Learning component in which students spend time in local schools, day care centers, and libraries will be an essential part of the course and will allow you to observe and perhaps practice some of the material covered in class.  As a culminating experience, students will create their own literacy project, including an original children’s book and lesson plans to share with local children’s organizations. (CBL)