Stories Connecting (dream)Worlds

Storytelling and story reading make up the backbone of this course. Using various media including graphic novels, animation, film, radio and literature, we will explore this fundamental human activity. How we tell and understand stories provides integral clues to who we are on personal, social, and broader cultural levels.  In pursuit of this kind of understanding we will work through questions such as:  How does our ability to recognize the value of stories within continuous and disjointed frameworks build our capacity to communicate across differences, to adapt to unfamiliar patterns of communication, and express ourselves in new and creative ways? What critical thinking skills are needed to unpack stories? How does our mind and memory  organize our experiences into stories? To what extent does language dictate the shape and order of stories? Does visual media expand the limits of print media? How has the immediacy of information in this digital age complicated storytelling and reading?  We will spend most of our time reading and discussing the various stories, recording our responses and reactions to those stories, and creating a final narrative project for public presentation.