Music, Image, Place

Michael Farley
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Tuesday and Thursday 12:00 p.m. – 2:10 p.m.
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This course also fulfills the ARTS general education requirement

Artistic expression is always influenced by the place in which it is situated, and it shapes the place in return.  Illustration: Grunge was an outgrowth of a number of conditions that existed in Seattle in the late 1980s.  As a result of a depressed local economy a large number of abandoned warehouses were available as performance venues.   Seattle looked like it sounded.  Even the climate contributed to the development of a focused style of music-making.  In the words of a local producer, “When the weather's crappy you don't feel like going outside; you go into a basement and make a lot of noise to take out your frustration." We explore the relationship between music and place through traditional research and through creative work in the Newell Center for Arts Technology.