Performing Diversity

Rebecca Daniels
Meeting Days/Times: 
Tuesday and Thursday 12:00-2:10 p.m.
Also Counts: 
This course also counts as PCA 106 and fulfills the DIV13 and ARTS requirements

Using research, creative writing, and personal experiences, this seminar will explore various issues of multiculturalism and diversity on the St. Lawrence campus and in America today. We will engage a variety of texts to investigate the links between identity and oppression by race, class, gender, sexual orientation, differing abilities, and religion. As part of a significant research project, members of the class will create performance texts (combining video presentations and live performance work) about specific research topic areas. To be a part of this seminar, you do not need prior experience in video production or acting/performance, but you must have a willingness to get involved with exploring both as part of the work of this class.