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Prof. Karen Dillon O'Neil
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209 Piskor Hall
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Leah Rohlfsen [after July 1]
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018A Piskor Hall

Sociology courses offer an understanding of the interactions and workings of societies, their institutions, organizations and groups. We encourage you to discover a deeper understanding of the relationships between personal experience (your own and others’) and the social world. Our courses not only acquaint you with diverse cultures and social structures but also emphasize the dynamics of power and inequality on local, national and global levels.

In our courses, we emphasize the concepts and practice of social justice and public sociology. Built into our courses are opportunities for you to develop a sense of social responsibility by critically engaging the social world outside the classroom and to make your own discoveries about human social experiences.

The sociology department offers many courses appropriate for first-year students. The selection varies from semester to semester. You may take courses at either the 100 or 200 level. At the 100 level, you will typically find more of a “survey” approach and class size usually is 30 students. At the 200 level, courses are designed to explore particular social issues more specifically and in depth, and class sizes are smaller—typically 15-20 students—and may include a community-based learning (CBL) component, which involves doing community service that is connected to the learning of the course.

Courses this fall appropriate for first-year students, subject to the availability of seats, are:

  • SOC 101: Intro Sociology: Principles of Sociology (SS)
  • SOC 112: Intro Sociology: Inequality (SS/DIV13)
  • SOC 161: Intro Sociology: Social Problems and Policy (SS)
  • SOC/ENVS 187: Intro Sociology: Environment and Society (SS)
  • SOC 3007-01: SPTP: Intro Sociology: Media and Society (SS13)