Coordinator/Dept. Chair: 
Prof. Erin McCarthy
Campus Address: 
111 Piskor Hall
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All 100-level philosophy courses are appropriate for first-year students, as well as PHIL 202: Reasoning. PHIL 100: Introduction to Philosophy is a general overview of the study of philosophy, and PHIL 103: Philosophy East and West provides an introduction to philosophy through a comparison of Western and Eastern philosophies. While PHIL 202 is open to first-year students and has no prerequisites, it is still recommended that first-year students take a 100-level Philosophy course before taking PHIL 202. However, first-year students who have a strong math background are probably well prepared to take PHIL 202 even in their first semester. PHIL 100, 103 and 202 are offered nearly every semester.

Courses offered in the fall appropriate for first-year students. subject to the availability of seats, are:

  • PHIL 100: Introduction to Philosophy (HU)
  • PHIL 103/ASIA 123: Philosophy East and West (HU)
  • PHIL 120/PEAC 100: Introduction to Peace Studies
  • PHIL 201: Ancient Philosophy (HU)
  • PHIL 202: Reasoning (QLR)
  • PHIL 203: Ethical Theory (HU)
  • PHIL/GOVT 206: Political Theory (HU)
  • PHIL/GOVT 206-WI: WI: Political Theory (HU)