Modern Languages and Literatures

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Co-Chair: Prof. Roy Caldwell
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332 Carnegie Hall
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Prof. Marcella Salvi
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331 Carnegie Hall

This fall, modern languages and literatures is offering courses in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swahili. You probably had the chance to study some of these languages in high school, so now you have a decision to make. You can build on what you’ve started or try something completely new!

You will find information and guidelines on determining the appropriate level of language study in our "Letter to First-Year Students" found on the Modern Languages and Literatures website. You should complete your Course Selection form indicating the level you believe is appropriate given those guidelines; you will be able to make changes as necessary after you arrive in August. As you choose your classes, keep in mind that elementary (101-102), intermediate (103-104) and advanced (200 or 201-202) language courses are offered in a year-long sequence, although you can take a language for one semester to satisfy the LANG distribution requirement. In other words, you should get your foot in the language door in the fall because it’s more difficult to start in the spring. If you plan to take a 101 or 103 course this fall, you will also sign up for the required lab when you register for your final courses during on-campus Orientation.

Additionally, international programs are associated with all the languages we teach. Check out the site for our Center for International and Intercultural Studies for more information. You have lots of options, and if you can imagine yourself in any of these places, that should help you get through your Bad Verb Days. We want you to go away!

You don’t have to major in a particular language (or several as a multi-language major) to become fluent in one. You may see the advantages of complementing your major (whatever that might be) with a minor in one of several languages you can study at SLU or in one of the programs we support, such as African Studies, Asian Studies, Canadian Studies, Caribbean and Latin American Studies, European Studies and Global Studies.

Our website will tell you more about the faculty, the kinds of projects our students are doing, both abroad and on campus, as well as what’s happening at the Language Resource Center.

The following fall courses are appropriate for first-year students, depending on students' level of language proficiency and subject to the availability of seats:

ARAB 101/AFS 106: Elementary Arabic I with Lab (LANG)
ARAB 103/AFS 108: Intermediate Arabic I with Lab (LANG)
ARAB 201/AFS 203: Advanced Arabic (LANG)

CHIN/ASIA 101: Elementary Chinese I with Lab (LANG)
CHIN/ASIA 103: Intermediate Chinese I with Lab (LANG)
CHIN/ASIA 201: Advanced Chinese (LANG)

FR 101: Elementary French I with Lab (LANG)
FR 103: Intermediate French I with Lab (LANG)
FR 201: Advanced French (LANG)
FR/AFS 3001: SPTP: Francophone Africa

GER 101: Elementary German I with Lab (LANG)
GER 103: Intermediate German I with Lab (LANG)
GER 201: Advanced German II (LANG)

ITAL 101: Elementary Italian I with Lab (LANG)
ITAL 103: Intermediate Italian I with Lab (LANG)

SPAN 101: Elementary Spanish I with Lab (LANG)
SPAN 103: Intermediate Spanish I with Lab (LANG)
SPAN/CLAS 201: Advanced Spanish (LANG)

SWAH 101/AFS 100: Elementary Kiswahili I with Lab (LANG)
SWAH 102/AFS 103: Intermediate Kiswahili I with Lab (LANG)