Coordinator/Dept. Chair: 
Prof. Jeff Chiarenzelli
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145 Brown Hall
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Geology is the study of the Earth—its composition, internal processes and those affecting the surface, including the atmosphere and climate. Geology is a central and essential discipline with respect to issues regarding our natural environment. Geology (and the earth sciences in general) contributes to, and utilizes information derived from, the other natural sciences.

Two introductory courses offered this fall appropriate for first-year students, subject to availability of seats, are:

  • GEOL 103: The Dynamic Earth (NS-L/EL)
  • GEOL/ENVS 110: Environmental Geology (EL)

GEOL 103: The Dynamic Earth (NS-L/EL) is a required entry to the major as well as a necessary prerequisite for many other courses in the department. Please note that GEOL 103 includes a lab one afternoon a week for which you register separately. In this course, students enjoy the benefit of our location as we take advantage of our natural laboratory of the Adirondack Mountains and the rocks in the surrounding North Country and beyond, and take many field trips.

GEOL/ENVS 110: Environmental Geology (EL) relates geology, the science of the Earth, to human activities and the environment. This course is appropriate for students who may have an interest in geology and environmental science, and may wish to pursue the environmental aspects of geology as a major or career.