European Studies

Coordinator/Dept. Chair: 
Prof. Elun Gabriel
Campus Address: 
202 Piskor Hall
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The European studies minor integrates course work from several fields into an interdisciplinary program of study. The minor allows students to engage in a critical examination of European society and cultural, economic, and political issues of historical and contemporary interest. European studies minors frequently study abroad in Europe, integrating their experiences into their European studies coursework. First-year students who think they may minor in European studies can find, on our web page, a list of courses in the various departments that are cross-listed with European studies. Note: not all of these courses are open to first-year students; please see the specific departments’ pages for more information.
  • AAH 117: Survey of Art II (ARTS)
  • ENG 225: English Literature to 1700 (HU)
  • ENG 226: English Literature 1700 to Present (HU)
  • FR 201: Advanced French (LANG)
  • GOVT/PHIL 206: Political Theory (HU)
  • HIST 109: Introduction to European Studies (HU)
  • HIST 205: Nineteenth-century Europe (HU)
  • REL 231: Christian Religious Traditions (HU)
  • SPAN/CLAS 201: Advanced Spanish (LANG)