Environmental Studies

Coordinator/Dept. Chair: 
Prof. Carrie Johns
Campus Address: 
205 Memorial Hall
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Students interested in environmental studies should enroll in ENVS 101: Introduction to Environmental Studies (EL) in any of their first three semesters. This course surveys current environmental problems, various approaches for solving them, and fundamental concepts for advanced study in environmental studies (e.g. ecological principles, laws of thermodynamics, systems theory). At St Lawrence, “environmental studies” includes natural science, social sciences and humanities.

We have a stand-alone major in environmental studies, but we also have environmental studies combined majors with ten other departments. If you are interested in a combined major, you may wish to enroll in an introductory course in the other department during your first semester because the introductory course(s) in those departments are usually required as part of these majors and additionally satisfy distribution requirements.

A score of 4 on the Advanced Placement test in Environmental Science/Studies is equivalent to ENVS 101, enabling eligible students to skip ENVS 101. Students should not elect ENVS courses at the 200 level, or above, during the first semester of their first year. Courses offered this fall appropriate for first-year students, subject to the availability of seats, are:

  • ENVS 101: Introduction to Environmental Studies (EL)
  • ENVS/GEOL 110: Environmental Geology (EL)
  • ENVS/SOC 187: Environment and Society (SS)