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Prof. Ning Gao
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318 Johnson Hall
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The following course is offered this fall and is appropriate for first-year students; it also fulfills the NS-L requirement:

  • CHEM 103: General Chemistry w/Lab (NS-L)

We offer the following majors and minors related to chemistry:

  • Chemistry (major and minor)
  • Interdisciplinary combined major with environmental studies
  • Major in biochemistry (joint with biology) - see below

General Chemistry is a prerequisite for all upper-level courses in the department. Most students fulfill this prerequisite by completing the sequence of CHEM 103 in the fall and CHEM 104 in the spring. Each has a lab and carries 1.25 units of credit. Multiple small sections of general chemistry are offered each semester using the same text and similar syllabi; thus the labs are interchangeable.

Students who have taken the advanced placement test in chemistry and scored 4 or higher are entitled to receive one unit of college credit. Those students should enroll in CHEM 104 in the spring.


The biochemistry major is available through the departments of biology and chemistry. Because you need to complete many prerequisite courses to pave the way for your upper-level work in biochemistry, those considering this program should complete both General Biology courses (BIOL 101 in the fall and BIOL 102 in the spring) and General Chemistry (CHEM 103 in the fall and CHEM 104 in the spring) during their first year.

NOTE: If you take General Biology and General Chemistry, you will receive 1.5 units for FYP, 1.25 units for General Biology and 1.25 units for Chemistry. Combined, these courses are enough credit to be considered a full-time student for financial aid considerations. Students who wish to take just these three courses in the fall semester are free to do so, but students who wish to take a fourth course can do that as well. Students should consult with their advisors to decide which choice is best for them.

The Course Selection Form will ask you if you are interested in pursuing a biology, biochemistry or neuroscience major and/or a pre-health track. If you answer "yes" to this question and include both General Biology and General Chemistry as your top two course choices, you will be registered for both Biology and Chemistry (including all required labs and review sessions/peer pods) over the summer. If you find you need to make a change to your lab or review session/peer pod enrollment to accommodate another course, you will be able to make that change during on-campus Orientation.

Review sessions (peer pods) are optional for General Chemistry. If you wish to add a Chem peer pod, you will be able to make that request during on-campus Orientation.