Class of 2015

Welcome January Entrants

Welcome to St. Lawrence University! 

The New Student Guide & Forms (NSG&F) website is a resource for you during your transition to the St. Lawrence community. Although this site was written with first-year students in mind, we find that this information is helpful to all new students in their transition to the University.

If you have not already done so, please make sure to:

1. Return all of the required forms found on this site as soon as possible, but by no later than the following deadlines.

January Orientation 2014

Friday, January 17
8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Orientation Registration
You're here? Let us know you've arrived. Come pick up your combination to your room, your student ID, and a down-to-earth SLU guide to help you and your family with whatever it is you need first (snacks, a tour, etc.).
Information Desk, Sullivan Student Center
Office open until 3:30 p.m.

Welcome from Student Government President

To the Class of 2017,

Congratulations! On behalf of the St. Lawrence community I would like to welcome you. You are officially a Saint; in a few short months you will arrive on campus and begin your lifelong journey as a Laurentian. The student body is both sad to see the seniors graduate and anxious to meet the Class of 2017 and discover all that you will bring to our campus.

Driving and Parking Directions

PLEASE NOTE: You may park in front of your student’s residential hall building to unload. Once you are unloaded, you must move your vehicle to the designated parking lot for your student’s building. This process will allow others the opportunity to unload. Information regarding parking lot designation and directions to the residence halls and parking lots are provided below. Thank you for your cooperation.
-The First-Year Program Office and Campus Safety & Security

1. Traveling South on Route 11


You’ll discover that within both academic and social circles of St. Lawrence, there is a lot that needs to be communicated. You will need to keep current with your e-mail to stay on top of university and classroom business, and for really knowing what’s going on across the university community, you will need to consult SLUWire. SLUWire is where university offices, campus organizations, associations, and fellow Laurentian’s find and share information about campus happenings.

General Education and Graduation Requirements

General Education and Graduation Requirements

Exposure to a broad range of topics and fields of inquiry as well as depth and competence in particular areas of study distinguish the liberally educated person.

To help you achieve the breadth of a liberal education, you must meet a number of curriculum or General Education requirements. You can begin to meet these requirements as early as your first semester.

Step Four: Enrolling in Your Other Courses

Enrollment in your final course[s] will happen during on-campus Orientation in August.

Step Three: Creating a Course Plan on APR 2.0

Step Three Time Line:
Now to August: Review the information available on the New Student Guide & Forms website to help you think about courses for the fall
Mid-July to Orientation: After receiving our July mailing with information about your FYP placement and the course(s) in which you are already registered, you will create a course plan on APR 2.0 to help you prepare for completing your fall course schedule during Orientation.

Step Three Process

Step Two: Enrollment in Your Second Course

Important Step Two Dates:
Friday, June 13: Deadline for submission of the Course Selection form.
Early to mid-July: Notification by mail of your second (or second and third) course enrollment with your FYP placement and housing notification.

Step Two Process:

Step One: Placement in Your First-Year Program

Important Step One Dates:
May 30:
Deadline for online submission of the First-Year Program College Preference form, Housing Assignment Profile and Your Academic Interests form. View the checklist for other form deadlines.
Early to mid-July:
Notification by mail of your FYP placement, academic advisor, residence hall room and roommate(s) (if applicable). 

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