Rutendo Chabikwa

Rutendo Chabikwa
Rutendo Chabikwa

I studied abroad on the Global Francophone cultures program. The first two weeks where in Quebec City, the next three months in Rouen in France with a week in Senegal and a weekend in Brussels. This program helped me open up my eyes and my mind to a lot more than just the French language. I learned how to observe and act when immersed in a different culture. I became aware of how the world was interconnected in different ways. I learned a lot from my host family who helped make integration into the French culture much simpler.

Going abroad in my first year gave me time to grow outside the new highly energetic world of St. Lawrence University. I was able to ground myself a lot more as an individual and grow to discover myself while expanding my knowledge of the French language. Rouen is a small city but a lively and welcoming city none the less. I practiced my French with farmers at the Farmer’s markets and talked French politics with an engaging host family and their peers.

From the friendly students at the University in Rouen, to the loud market on the dusty streets of Dakar, I found myself challenged to become more adventurous, more inquisitive and speak French a lot more. I am grateful for this opportunity and hope to study abroad one more time before I leave St. Lawrence University.

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Global Francophone Cultures