Katie Prue

Katie Prue
Katie Prue
Philosophy and Psychology
Lockport, NY
Women's Volleyball, Student Athletic Advisory Committee, Elementary School Tutor


My name is Katelyn Prue, and I am a senior from Lockport, New York. I am a double major in Psychology and Philosophy. I am a captain of the St. Lawrence Volleyball team and a repeating member of our Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC). I studied abroad in the Spring 2013 semester in London, England and it was definitely the best and most exciting four months of my life!

While in London, I took four classes that I know I never would have had the opportunity to take elsewhere. For example, I took British History, Intro to London Theatre, and London's Urban Geographies. Clearly, those are not offered on campus here at SLU! I also took the required class, called Encountering London, which was an amazing experience as well. From learning the ups and downs of Margaret Thatchers terms as Prime Minister to attending over 10 real London performances in theatre, this program gives students the opportunity to be utterly and completely embraced in the city of London. Coincidentally, Margaret Thatcher passed away while we were in London, which was an incredibly interesting piece of history to be a part of. I also had so many opportunities to travel around England and the entire world, and would not change my experience at all. I was fortunate enough to live with an amazing family of five in Muswell Hill, which is Northern London. I keep in contact with my family weekly now that I'm back in the States, which shows how truly amazing of an experience I had with my homestay during my four months there.

For the last four weeks of our semester there, I chose to be placed in a work placement with a children's charity called The Winchester Project in Northern London. Though it was a 9 to 5 job in an office, it became to be so much more than that for me. I was not only able to help create play schemes, plan events, and reach out to the local community, but I was able to make contacts and connections to more Londoners. I learned so much about the culture of London through my last four weeks, and am so thankful that I worked at The Winch.

My experience in London was nothing short of spectacular. I was fortunate enough to spend my four months with great fellow SLU students, which is the best company around. Even despite that fact, I think that my experience in London would have been incredibly rewarding anyway. Not only through my work experience with a children's charity, but through my classes as well. I learned so much about the past and present of such an amazing city, and will never take that information for granted. In just four short months, I felt as though I changed and grew into a more well-rounded and cultured person, and I will always have London to thank for that.

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