Jordyn Pasiak

Jordyn Pasiak
Jordyn Pasiak
Global Studies
Gender and Sexuality Studies
Utica, NY

My name is Jordyn Pasiak, I am a senior at St. Lawrence, and I am from Utica, New York. My studies include a double major in Global Studies and Francophone studies with a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies. I received the Sol Feinstone International Study Prize in which I was able to travel to Rouen, France while also frequenting Paris. I received this prize during the fall semester of 2013 and went abroad during the winter break following the semester. I was in France for three weeks and I stayed with the host family I had during my time in France for the Francophone Study semesters. I applied for this grant and travelled to do my Senior Year Experience for Global Studies. My project is “Outlooks on Rape: The Major Factors Affecting Rape Culture.” While in France, I did a comparative study of the attitudes of youths between the ages of 18 and 25 surrounding rape culture. I conducted surveys with 10 students and 10 non-students, with an even break up of girls and boys. I asked them general questions about the myths that have become an apparent part of our reality surrounding victims of rape. I am doing discourse analysis for my SYE as well, so I asked them all what kind of media they are exposed to on a daily basis. I also conducted interviews with the members of the Collectif Feministe Contre le Viol in Paris, which is the only rape crisis center in France. I was able to learn more about the history of their organization, how they receive funding, and exactly what rape legislation is in place in France. I am conducting the same surveys and interviews with youths in America and with a rape crisis center in New York State. 

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Study Abroad: 
Rouen, France
Sol Feinstone International Study Prize