Travel and Health Insurance requirements

St. Lawrence University requires all study abroad students to have health insurance that covers them internationally and includes repatriation.

If your health insurance does not include international insurance coverage, there are many companies that offer such insurance specifically for students studying abroad. 

The St. Lawrence student policy provides the required coverage. Students interested in purchasing the St. Lawrence University health insurance coverage should contact the SLU Student Financial Services Office at 315-229-5581.  Short-term policies are also available for purchase - details are available online using the search term, “insurance for study abroad students.”  A few companies that provide this type of short-term international coverage include Gateway Connections, CMI Insurance Worldwide, HTH Worldwide.

Repatriation Coverage:

If students current insurance coverage does not include evacuation and repatriation, he/she will automatically be enrolled in a travel Assistance Plan that includes this coverage at no additional charge.  For more information on this coverage students should use his/her St. Lawrence login information to log into the following website:  He/she should scroll to the bottom of the page and click wallet card/brochure to print an ID card.

National Health Insurance Plans:

Please be aware that some countries require students to enroll in their national health insurance plan in order to obtain a student visa; including Australia, Japan, New Zealand.  Students on programs in Austria, Italy and Spain will be required to have the St. Lawrence University student policy or a short-term study abroad policy for visa purposes.   ISEP participants must carry national insurance of the host country or ISEP insurance coverage – depending on the program site.  Kenya program participants are required to purchase the Kenyan health insurance coverage upon their arrival in Kenya.  

Students are responsible for the costs of any and all required policies.