Students in Haifa, Israel, summer 2017
Students had the wonderful experience of studying 'War, Peace and Conflict' in Israel during May...
Dr. Rita Goldberg
St. Lawrence University recently marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of our Austria and...
Bring your memories and photos and catch up with program alumni at our Austria and Spain program...
Change your life!
Spend your first semester of college in London, one the world's most dynamic global cities.
St. Lawrence University is honored to celebrate the 50th Anniversaries of its abroad programs in...
The Center for International & Intercultural Studies is pleased to offer...
Best summer ever!
News of a number of internship opportunities has come our way!
Semester group at Taj Mahal
Floor Fiers '19 studied in India during the fall 2016 semester.
Project for peace Sanmen Library
Since Summer of 2013, the Center for International and Intercultural Studies at St.