SLU offers new Spring 2018 France pilot program in Bordeaux!

The Center for International & Intercultural Studies is pleased to offer a new spring 2018 France pilot program in Bordeaux.

Students at all levels from those with no previous experience in French through Advanced learners in French can study on the program.

Based at Bordeaux Montaigne University, St. Lawrence students will take:

  • a French language course at the appropriate level,
  • the Director’s course: The Cuisine and Wines of Bordeaux and Southwest France taught by Dr. Roy Caldwell , the accompanying SLU faculty member and
  • elective courses in English or French in areas such as:  Journalism, History, African Studies, Communications, Art & Art History, Literature, Government and other disciplines.

Students will live in Residence Halls alongside French and other international students and will take advantage of excursions to Paris and Senegal and other sites related to the Director’s course.